Monday, December 28, 2009

Belated Merry Christmas

This is a picture of my mom in her prayer shawl that I presented to her on December 13th. This picture was taken on Christmas Day as my mom was sick on the day that I gave it to her. She was very surprised, but the first surprise was on me. I went to her church to present it to her and she was not at church that day because she was ill. I called her from her church and asked if she was up to company that day. She said yes and was very surprised to see me at her door ten minutes later. (I live about fifty miles way from her. )

She was happy to see me and said "What's going on here?" when I pulled the wrapped shawl from my bag. She loves the shawl and although it is a bit long it works well because she can wrap it around her many times to keep her warm.

I am involved in the prayer shawl ministry at my church and my mom was inspired by me to start a ministry at her church. My mom gave a prayer shawl to her minister on Sunday, December 20th and was so choked up she couldn't speak. I have received many blessings since I have been involved in prayer shawl ministry and I will continue to do it for years to come. It is a blessing to both the giver or maker of the shawl as well as the receipient.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! I have been busy with work and the Thanksgiving holiday over the past two weeks and haven't had a chance to blog. I finished one of the twin sweaters Monday night and am now working on a Christmas gift (shawl). I had bought sock yarn to make the shawl - but am on a tight deadline and decided not to use a thin yarn I haven't used before on the shawl. I plan to have this shawl completed by December 13th and since it is already December 2nd I don't have much time!

I did also knit a scarf for a gift exchange/Christmas party that I am going to this week. I knit the scarf horizontally and it went really fast. It is two stripes of purple, a white stripe, followed by the two purples again. My camera is acting up right now, but I will post a picture as soon as I can.

What's on your needles?

Monday, November 23, 2009


Welcome to my blog! This is a blog about knitting and crocheting and various crafts. I have been knitting for about three years and have decided to create a blog about it. Right now I am working on several projects which include:

A baby sweater (3/4 of the way complete) I frogged the right front of this sweater last night - it was crooked and I couldn't figure out how to make it straight so I decided to rip it all out. I haven't decided if I will cast on again tonight or give it a rest for a few days....

A prayer shawl - I am trying a new pattern for a lace shawl. This will be a Christmas present for someone in my family.

A scarf for my DD for Christmas - I haven't started this yet - but plan to make it with many different yarns all in her favorite color.

A scarf for battered women shelter - I got a kit from Concepts in Yarn on Wednesday night. I will start that sometime this week.

I had a bad cold all weekend so I didn't get too much knitting done. I did complete two prayer shawls last week. One for my step-mother and one for my best friend. I will post pictures of them soon. I hope to get the shawl out to my step-mother sometime this week before Thanksgiving and the mail rush begins!